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Our company was established in 2018. Our company is committed to integrating machinery, mechs, cyberpunk, future, technology and other elements into personal electronic products, making the products cool and full of future technology, more fashionable and trendy , and social attributes. Let the person who owns it taste and personalize it! The cool and novel appearance gives people a perfect fusion experience of aesthetics and strength, tradition and future, technology and fashion.

Our Mission

Adhering to the concept of "Aspiring to play, exploring endlessly", Explore Unlimited is committed to creating cool, trendy and fun digital IP. Constantly pursuing unique personality, boldly innovating and exploring the future, born for the technological revolution, and awakening users to a new immersive sensory experience of products.

Heart of Loulan Brand Story

It is a story about the ancient "Loulan Ancient Country" which flourished for a while and then disappeared mysteriously

Once upon a time, in the flourishing era of the ancient land of Loulan, a mysterious force gave birth to a miraculous invention known as the "Hear of Loulan" – a mechanical heart powered by future technology.

Legend has it that this mechanical heart held the power of the five majestic beasts, making it an unparalleled source of immense energy. Every citizen of Loulan dreamt of possessing this heart, for it would turn them into invincible warriors, protecting their homeland.

However, a terrible war befell Loulan. The guardians of the Heart, along with their fierce beasts, fought valiantly until their last breath, but they were ultimately defeated, and the mechanical heart, along with the rune-embedded artifact that powered it, sank into the ancient ruins. Loulan fell into silence, losing its former glory.

Yet, the story did not end there. A princess named "Yuna" learned of the legend of the Heart and decided to embark on a journey to return to Earth. She was accompanied by guardians representing the elements of fire, water, earth, wind, and thunder – the Five Great Beasts. Together, they formed a formidable team, venturing across the galaxies in search of the lost mechanical heart.

Yuna hoped that retrieving the Heart of Loulan would restore its former prosperity, bringing back the lively and innovative era of old. She believed that the power within the mechanical heart was the key to saving Loulan and the hope of returning to their Earth homeland.

During their adventure in the outer space, Yuna encountered various fantastical creatures and faced numerous challenges. However, the energy of her mechanical heart continuously supported her, enabling her to overcome obstacles, step by step, toward her goal.

Finally, Yuna and her Beast Guardians arrived in a volcanic region. The molten lava flowed fiercely, and flames raged, but "Lava Dark Tiger" feared no danger. He led his people to cross the volcano, bravely traversing the sea of fire, and forged the indestructible "Force Steel" to defend against enemies. It was there that they discovered a clue to the whereabouts of the mechanical heart.

In the depths of the volcano, Yuna finally found the long-lost ancient ruins. To her amazement, the mechanical heart's power still thrived within. She discovered the missing rune-embedded artifact, reawakening the heart's dormant power.

Empowered by the Heart of Loulan, Yuna and her Beast Guardians embarked on their journey back to Earth. They returned to Loulan, carrying the strength of technology and the future, reinvigorating the land with boundless vitality.

Under the leadership of the princess, the people of Loulan each possessed the "Hear of Loulan" – a mechanical heart-shaped mobile power source. This revolutionary device not only provided immense energy but also carried the mythical legends of Loulan. With its futuristic design and powerful functionalities, it became the dreamlike aspiration of the young generation, capturing their imagination with a sense of awe-inspiring wonder from the future.

Heart of Loulan - Power of the Primal

The "Heart of Loulan - Power of the Primal" mobile power bank serves as the perfect companion to the Myth Beasts. Breaking away from traditional mobile power designs, it adopts a cyberpunk mechanical style, embodying the radiance of future technology. This uniquely designed mobile power bank represents our company's successful venture into fusing mechanical, mecha, cyberpunk, and futuristic tech elements into personal electronic products, laying a solid foundation for even more outstanding products in the future.

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